Whether it is financial, sales or stakeholder related, the need for analysis is a reality in the pharmaceutical industry. Vast amounts of detailed data from disparate sources exist like pieces of puzzle arranged in no particular order. Making sense of this data has been an arduous and time consuming task. PharmaBI.com has turned our third party data into actionable information. PharmaBI.com consolidates our data and by using our business rules, pieces the puzzle together, displaying a truly cohesive and relevant view of our business activities.



Chris E. Kostka

Vice President Sales

Purdue Pharma

Before PharmaBI.com, we were struggling with our ability to effectively consolidate and interpret our various data sources in a way that was of value to the field and which could give us a competitive advantage. Our data is now consolidated from several sources including our third party Script level and Geographic Prescription data, providing us with a deeper understanding of our competitive market. PharmaBI.com provides our team with intuitive sales analysis and ad hoc capabilities. Not only can our sales team use the BI system to plan their activities, they can also use it to measure the effectiveness of their activities.



Mark Hammar

Director of Sales