Put Your Data to Work with StayinFront PharmaBI
StayinFront PharmaBI


StayinFront PharmaBI is a cloud-based business intelligence application, developed specifically for pharmaceutical companies to integrate and maximize CRM, ERP and 3rd party data assets.  It is a powerful self-serve dash-boarding, reporting and analysis solution that is not only easy to use, but is easily extended to sales, marketing and management, freeing up valuable in-house IT resources. 


  • An incomplete picture of the market,

  • Inefficient use of organizational resources,

  • Poor decision making and scattered and unreliable data.  



Overcome these challenges with StayinFront PharmaBI by


  • Consolidating all data sources – CRM, ERP and Life Sciences 3rd party data

  • Utilizing a self-serve, easy-to-use reporting and analysis across the enterprise

  • Making more proactive business decisions by analyzing pharmaceutical and prescribing data in a variety of ways to identify threats and trends

  • Maximizing sales force effectiveness and targeting sales call messaging by uncovering territory based prescribing trends

  • Having this type of analysis and reporting capability with little or no impact on your existing IT resources